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3-Stage Under-The-Sink System

Click here for any questions about our 3-Stage Under-The-Sink system, where you can get clean and safe water right from the convenience of your tap.

How long do the Under the Sink filters last?

The 3-Stage Under the Sink System is built for large quantities of water and will last for up to 2,000 gallons. That milestone is reached at different times according to the number of people using it and actual use (5 gallons of use per day for 365

How does the 3-Stage Under the Sink System work?

We developed our high performance Affinity® filtration technology by combining seven different materials, each of which is known for its strong absorbent properties. Together these materials work harmoniously in a process called ionic absorption. As

How do I install the 3-Stage Under the Sink System?

Quick and easy installation instructions for the 3-Stage Under the Sink System can be found here.

Can I connect the 3-Stage Under the Sink System to a dedicated drinking faucet?

While the 3-Stage Under the Sink System is designed to be installed on your kitchen faucet, it can also be connected to a dedicated drinking faucet with a few minor modifications.

Will this system impact my water pressure?

Yes, the 3-Stage Under the Sink System will reduce the cold water pressure. On average, most users experience a 25-35% reduction.

How big is the 3-Stage Under the Sink System? What size are the fittings?

The 3-Stage Under the Sink System is both large enough to filter contaminants from large quantities of water and compact enough to fit neatly under your sink. An image with the exact dimensions is below. The fitting on the intake line is female ⅜” co

There is a boil order in my city. Will my filter cover this?

Boil orders typically occur as a result of a virus in the water.  For under-the-sink filters, we

Do your filters remove Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)?

Our 3 Stage Under the Sink System filters are powerful enough to filter 232+ contaminants, and smart enough to allow beneficial minerals pass through in your water. That means that healthy nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and potassium will remain

Are your filters recyclable?

Our filters are made of recyclable materials and may be placed in a recycling bin. We are currently exploring partnerships that maximize our sustainability efforts by going beyond traditional recycling programs.If there is anything else we can do to

Can your filters be used with a water softener?

Our filters can be used with water softeners, but they will increase the workload of the filters. If you are using water softeners, we would recommend changing your Clearly Filtered filters sooner than our standard recommended timeframe. Please note

Are you NSF Certified?

We’ve decided to pursue our quality certifications from the WQA. The WQA or Water Quality Association is a not-for-profit association for the residential, commercial, and industrial water treatment industry. Working closely with ANSI, the WQA sets th

Can I use filtered water in my Neti Pot?

Yes. Our filtered water is safe to use with any neti pot. And it’s a better option than tap water because it’s free of dangerous contaminants that can cause infection, inflammation, and irritation in your nose. That said, distilled water is probably

Do I need to remineralize my Clearly Filtered Water?

Our Affinity® Filtration Technology doesn’t target beneficial minerals. Many filters, specifically Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) systems, blindly strip water of everything, including beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium. That’s why Reverse Osmosis

How are your filters tested?

Testing of this filter system was performed by QFT, a lab now operating as IAPMO New Jersey, a division of IAPMO, an independent ISO 17025 certified laboratory that is capable of testing following NSF/ANSI protocols. All testing occurred under contro