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How long do the Under the Sink filters last?Updated a year ago

The 3-Stage Under the Sink System is built for large quantities of water and will last for up to 2,000 gallons. That milestone is reached at different times according to the number of people using it  and actual use (5 gallons of use per day for 365 days = 1825 gallons). Our guidelines are as follows: 

1-2 People: 15 months 

3-4 People: 12 months

4+ People:  9 months

All three filters must be changed at the same time and must be replaced within 18 months regardless of actual use. We recommend making a note of your installation date as a reminder of when to replace the filters or you can sign up for our filter subscription: you’ll never forget to switch your filters and you’ll save 10% on each filter replacement!

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