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Can I connect the 3-Stage Under the Sink System to a dedicated drinking faucet?Updated a year ago

While the 3-Stage Under the Sink System is designed to be installed on your kitchen faucet, it can also be connected to a dedicated drinking faucet with a few minor modifications.  

For simple modifications, we have found the following information useful: 

1) If the water source (cold water valve) is shared with the kitchen faucet, a splitter will be required to route water to both the kitchen faucet and the filter system connecting to the dedicated faucet.  

For reference - the fitting on the intake line is female ⅜” compression

2) Dedicated drinking faucets use a variety of water line sizes ranging from 1/4" to 3/8".  An adapter may be required to connect the output line to the dedicated faucet line.

For reference - the fitting on the output line is male ⅜” compression

In most cases, these items can be found at a hardware or plumbing supply store. Our customer experience team is prepared to assist you with traditional installation of the UTS System, however we recommend seeking the assistance of a plumbing expert if you have additional questions regarding this modification or your setup is more involved.

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