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How much water does the pitcher hold?

The top reservoir holds approximately ½ gallon. The bottom holds approximately 10 cups (80 ounces).

What material is used to make the pitcher?

The pitcher is made of a material called Tritan®. It is a medical-grade, premium plastic free of BPA (Bisphenol A), BPS (Bisphenol S), and EA (estrogenic activity). You can read more about Tritan plastic on their website.

How do I clean the pitcher?

We recommend hand washing the pitcher  with soap and warm water or equal parts vinegar and water. While the back lid is removable, the front lid is attached and should not be removed. We suggest cleaning your pitcher one or two times per month. If yo

Do I need to refrigerate my pitcher?

Our filters target a wide range of contaminants at a very high capture rate. Filtering those contaminants makes your water healthy for you, but it also makes it healthy for other living things like algae. For that reason, we make two recommendations

There are two holes near the top of my pitcher. Why is that?

These air holes are purposely placed on your pitcher to allow air to enter the pitcher as water exits. These holes ensure that when you pour a glass of water, there will be a smooth stream every time. The air holes are placed high enough so it would

How do I remove the upper reservoir?

To remove the upper reservoir, you will need to pull with more force than you might expect. It is a tight fit so that the water will not leak through.

Can the water line in the pitcher go above the filter?

Yes, the water line can go above the filter. Please note, the pitcher has small holes in the outer body to allow airflow and avoid a "suction" action when pouring. Water may leak out of these holes if the water is not kept below the holes.

Sometimes I notice black dust in the pitcher. What is that?

It may look odd, but the black material in your reservoir is completely normal. As the water from the reservoir flows down through the filter, some of the filtration media (the black stuff) may float up through the filter and into your reservoir. Thi