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Water is leaking from the top of the filter. How can I fix that?Updated 2 months ago

This is generally an indication that either the gasket or the threading is misaligned.

The gasket is the circular off-white rubber piece that sits on top of the filter. To realign it, unscrew the filter from your pitcher, flip the gasket upside down, and press it back down past the threading.Sometimes the filter can simply thread onto the reservoir improperly, preventing a watertight seal. To fix that, remove the reservoir and the filter from your pitcher. Unscrew the filter and place the reservoir upside down on your counter. That will help to keep it flat when reinstalling the filter. Screw the filter onto the reservoir, but this time, once it is screwed on all the way, unscrew it by about half a turn and then tighten it again. That should help the threading to lock in place.

We occasionally see that a filter that is not thoroughly primed can create additional pressure on the seal between the filter and upper reservoir. If you are not seeing water flowing from the bottom of the filter, we suggest repeating the priming process using the priming bag as well.

If the leak persists, please contact our team at [email protected].

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