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I am having trouble priming my filter. What should I do?Updated 2 months ago

Priming your filter is the most important step to activating your new filter. Your filter will be effectively primed when a full upper reservoir processes in under 35 minutes.

If you are experiencing challenges priming your new filter, we have a few additional steps that will get your filter up and running quickly:

1) Submerge the filter in cold or room temperature water for 4-6 hours. The filtered area of the pitcher is ideal for the soak. You can place the reservoir over the filter to keep it submerged.
The soak will serve to saturate the filtration media and help ensure the prime will be successful even if the disc does not fit perfectly.
2) Follow the soak with 2-3 quick flushes using the priming bag. It is normal to continue to see water spill over the top edge of the filter after repeated priming.

3) Reattach the filter to the upper reservoir and fill with water. A fully and effectively primed filter should process the upper reservoir in 35 minutes or less. This will indicate that the priming process was successful.

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