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How do I prime my filter?Updated a year ago

Priming your filter is the most important step to activating your new filter. We have recently released a new priming tool that makes this step easy and consistent!

The filter has a firm outer layer of filtration media (targeting the smallest contaminants) that is tightly packed. The flushing process uses water pressure to force water through that layer, and this adapter, our flushing bag, gives a consistent amount of pressure every time.

To use the Priming Bag, you can view the instructions or follow the steps below:

1. Flip the priming bag upside down, so the priming disc is facing the faucet. Hold the disc up to the faucet and gradually fill with cool water until the bag is full.

2. Once the bag is full, twist the threaded base of the filter (flat side) onto the disc until snug. This creates a seal between the disc and the filter.

3. Flip the bag right side up so the filter is oriented beneath the bag.

4. Stand over the sink, then forcefully squeeze the bag with both hands to force the water inside down through the filter. - Squeeze hard enough to see water dripping out of the bottom of the filter. - We recommend using the same amount of pressure as you would to force the air out of a floatie.

NOTE: It is normal for water to escape from the edges of the priming disc and spill over the edges of the filter where the two components connect.

5. Once the bag is empty, hand twist the disc to disconnect it from the filter. Pour any remaining water down the drain.

6. Repeat previous steps at least 2 times. You will not need to squeeze the bag with as much force the second/third time around. You should see some water drip through the filter with just a gentle squeeze. This is an indication that the filter is primed and activated.

Our priming bag creates a consistent high pressured stream of water to effectively flush your filter and can be stored in a cool, dry place for future use. Visit our Resources Page for additional information and an instructional video or email us at [email protected].


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