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How are your filters tested?Updated 2 days ago

Testing of this filter system was performed by QFT, a lab now operating as IAPMO New Jersey, a division of IAPMO, an independent ISO 17025 certified laboratory that is capable of testing following NSF/ANSI protocols. All testing occurred under controlled laboratory conditions. Sample contaminants were prepared, measured and run through the filter. The filter results presented are the maximum removal percentage. Not all contaminants that were tested had established NSF/ANSI protocols at the time testing was performed. 

Actual performance may vary based on local water conditions. Not all contaminants may be present in users drinking water. System is designed for use with municipally treated tap water. Filter is not designed for use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality. Individuals with unknown water quality should follow the advice of local health authorities with regards to water treatment.

All of our independently tested lab results can be found here.
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