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Click here for questions about our Universal Inline Fridge Filter, which installs directly into the water line behind your fridge.


How long does the Inline Fridge Filter last?

For a typical family using the fridge filter for ice and drinking water, the filter will last for an average of 12 months or 365 gallons.

Which water line type should I select for my Inline Fridge Filter?

To determine which option will work best for you, you will need to look at the incoming water line as it attaches to the cold water valve. If you need assistance, please take pictures of the incoming water line as it attaches to the cold water valve

How do you install the Inline Fridge Filter?

Our Inline Fridge Filter is compatible with ALL refrigerators containing a waterline and installs behind your refrigerator. There are two water line   If you have plastic/vinyl or copper lines, then the filter with push-fit adapters is compatible wi

My refrigerator already has an existing filter - do I need to change it too?

Our filter is installed directly on the incoming water line and bypasses the need for the manufacturer filter. You may consult your manufacturer guidelines to determine if you can remove the existing filter.