My filtered water doesn’t taste quite right. What can I do?

We cannot guarantee a certain taste due to its subjective nature. However, our filters are high performance filters so there should be a noticeable improvement in the taste of your water. To get rid of any residual bad taste, we recommend that you soak the filter overnight (about 8-10 hours). The soaking will allow water to fully saturate the filter and improve the taste.

The filter must be fully submerged to ensure that it is soaked properly. One way to accomplish this is to remove the filter from the reservoir and fill the pitcher to about 3/4 full with tap water. Place the filter in the water and the reservoir back on top of the pitcher to keep it submerged. Reinstall the filter in the reservoir and you’re good to go.

We would also recommend checking to ensure there is no leaking around your filter. If you notice leaking around your filter, please follow the steps here.


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