How does the pitcher filter work?

We developed our high performance Affinity® filtration technology by combining seven different materials, each of which is known for its strong absorbent properties. Together these materials work harmoniously in a process called ionic absorption. As your tap water passes through the filters, the contaminants will ionically bind to the materials, permanently removing them to give you expertly filtered water.

The pitcher filter forces water to travel through three stages: the physical barrier, the loose Affinity media, and the hard filtration media.

We strive to be very upfront about the way our filters work. You can read more on our technology page and, for the pitcher filter specifically, you can see a more in-depth description of the filtration stages about halfway down our pitcher page in the section titled “What Makes Clearly Filtered Different.”  And, as always, you can see the exact test results for any of our filters on our Test Results page.

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