My filter is slow. How long should it take for water to pass through?

A properly working filter can take anywhere from 5 to 35 minutes to pass a full top reservoir of water.

The filter has a firm outer layer of filtration media that is densely packed. If you are using a new filter and find that it is taking longer than 35 minutes, it may require additional priming to allow water to pass through that outer layer of filtration media.

We have a quick priming tip to get your filter processing efficiently:

Repeat the flushing step for 3-5 minutes increasing the faucet pressure slowly over the course of the flush. That will limit the amount of water passing over the filter and increase the amount passing through it. It is normal to see water flow over the top of the filter and the flushing disk during the flush. If you have a tub or outdoor faucet with higher pressure, these are ideal for an effective flush.

You can also watch our video instructions here.

If your filter was previously filtering within 5 to 35 minutes and has recently slowed down, please contact our team at

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